The answer is a resounding yes. There is a great deal that can be done to customize a vanity. Some require more technical ability than others, but this article will look at some of the ways.

Image by Erika Wittlieb from Pixabay

Replacing Hardware

One of the easiest things to update a vanity is to replace the handles and the taps. This allows you to make It look more current and to reflect changes in your life. There are many possible taps and handles, and some care needs to be taken that they fit the removed parts perfectly.

It is possible to swap out parts for ones that don’t fit, but then the work involved is considerably more and can be more error-prone.

Cosmetic Changes

The whole look can be changed radically by a few surprising simple changes. The most obvious is a new paint job. This can range from a simple coat of new paint to one that is textured and patterned and looks far more opulent.

An alternative to painting is to cover the vanity with paper or cloth, which is more difficult than painting it but the results can be spectacular. Another possibility might be to add a splashback to the vanity. This makes it seem more substantial

Less Basic Changes

Some slightly more difficult changes can further alter the whole appearance. These changes depend on the type of vanity you have. For example, you could remove the drawers of the vanity and use baskets instead. If, however, the vanity was originally designed for baskets, then the conversion to drawers is either impossible or not worth the effort.

Why is this less basic? It may require the removal of drawer runners to accommodate the baskets.

Other big changes are replacing the basin and the countertop of the vanity. These are huge visual changes and can influence the appearance of the whole bathroom.


If you decide to make several changes to your vanity at the same time, then you should approach it as a project. This avoids the alterations becoming haphazard. Make it logical. There is no point in changing the taps first if you are also going to replace the vanity top. Build the project like a jigsaw and grow it in a way that lets it all happen in the correct sequence.

Be aware of what you can do and don’t damage your vanity by trying more than you can manage. If necessary, get in someone who can help. It does not have to be a professional but could be a more capable friend or relative.


So yes, your bathroom vanity can be customized. A great deal can be done to customize your vanity that it can be changed beyond recognition. All that is needed is the basic skeleton, and the rest can be altered for your bathroom vanity to look like new.

People might even ask when you bought your new vanity, and that makes customizing so rewarding.